Forensic Nurse Clinical Coordinator Dawn Culp lays out clothing donated through Amazon Smile to be given to victims of violence.

Keeping Our Patients' Heads Held High

Monday, November 8, 2021 | Community Outreach
We understand that some patients are facing real challenges when they enter our facilities. That's why we take pride in bringing them a smile in any way we can. The supporters of our AmazonSmile Charity List are to thank.

"With the donations we've received from Bayhealth's AmazonSmile Charity List our patients are leaving our hospitals with dignity,” said Bayhealth Forensic Nurse Clinical Coordinator Dawn Culp.

Culp and her team care for patients of all ages who are victims of violence - such as sexual assault or battery. In most of these cases, these patients give their clothing to law enforcement for investigations. In the past they'd be given paper scrubs but now they're being discharged with their heads held high with new clothing thanks to the support of our staff and community members by way of donations to the charity list.

Even patients that come in dealing with a mental crisis are given new clothing that addresses their specific safety needs.  These items of clothing might include a sports bra to eliminate underwire or sweatpants with an elastic waistband.

“This is one of the many reasons why we started our AmazonSmile Charity List,” said Bayhealth Foundation President Lindsay Rhodenbaugh. “We are proud to support the excellent care that Dawn and her team give her patients at our hospitals.”

Anyone may choose from a pre-selected list of items to purchase as an in-kind donation to Bayhealth that may be tax deductible.  

Visit to shop and make an impact.  

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