Korinne Roach

Generations of Black Excellence

Thursday, February 17, 2022 | Community Outreach

A Black History Month Spotlight of Bayhealth Day Surgery Nurse Korinne Roach, BSN, RN, CPN

On any given day, Bayhealth’s Day Surgery Registered Nurse Korinne Roach, BSN, RN, CPN, is overseeing patients before they head into surgery. She’s also there for them in recovery and ensures patients are discharged. Korinne was inspired to work in healthcare by the strong women who influenced her from an early age. Today, she’s helping other young Black women see that they too have a future in healthcare.

In celebration of Black History Month, Bayhealth is presenting stories of team members in a series called “Black Excellence that Inspires.” A collection of these stories will be shared on Bayhealth’s social media pages. Join us as we honor and celebrate these inspiring individuals.

As a teen, Korinne volunteered at Milford Memorial Hospital, close to where she attended high school. Her mom was a medical transcriptionist there and went on to become a nurse at Bayhealth. “My mom was my biggest inspiration. When I had a positive experience volunteering, it sparked the confidence in me to pursue nursing,” shared Korinne.

Korinne works hard to be a role model for other young people just as her mom was for her. “I believe it’s important for children to see someone who looks like them in a particular role, like in healthcare, helping other people,” she said.

Helping children has always been a passion for Korinne. “Children are so resilient and receptive, even when they are scared before their surgery. We often don’t realize how strong they really are,” she said. Over the course of Korinne’s 16 years at Bayhealth, working with children has been a highlight.

Her influence on youth extends beyond the hospital walls. Korinne also works as a volunteer preceptor for local colleges. Instilling the belief that young Black women can be excellent while working in healthcare is what drives her.

“Excellence starts with a positive attitude and having the desire to do something for someone else without the recognitions,” she said. “There were many heroes of color who paved the way in medicine. They are the ones who inspire me because they did things despite the obstacles and the naysayers.”

As a health advocate, Korinne also extends her reach into the community by speaking to local church groups. She volunteers her time to help the attendees navigate health challenges they may be facing.

Bayhealth is proud to honor and share Korinne’s story during Black History Month. Visit Bayhealth.org/Careers to be a part of a team who respects and values everyone on the team.

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