Comfort Mudoh

A Mom’s Comfort During Labor and Delivery

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 | Women's & Children's
Comfort Mudoh has been a certified nurse midwife in a local OB-GYN practice for two years.

The practice prides itself on delivering quality care and allowing women a choice in how their babies are delivered. At the present time, they deliver a large percentage of babies born at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus.

Comfort’s name was one her mother loved and had given to her when she and her twin sister, Joy, were born, knowing her two daughters would provide her just that. It is only fitting that Comfort would pursue a career where her compassionate nature and expertise could serve as a source of comfort for other mothers. Her passion to become a certified nurse midwife came from her experiences growing up. She grew up in a community where midwives were the primary caretakers for women, and she greatly admired how they gave back to their community.

Comfort’s aunt was also a practicing midwife, and she instilled in Comfort the desire to encourage women and always be a champion for them.

When she isn’t at the office seeing patients, Comfort is on call at the hospital working triage and working with physicians to cover the floors. As a midwife, she has the unique capability of spending more time with her patients.

This is extremely beneficial, and typically means getting to stay with a mother throughout the entirety of her labor. Comfort loves this part of her job as she gets to be the mother’s champion and cheerleader. She lets mothers know that the things they are experiencing in labor are normal and that they are completely capable of birthing their baby. This capability helps ease a mother’s worries and provides peace knowing that the midwife is fully capable of delivering a baby and can walk her through every step of the way.

Comfort is grateful to be able to offer women the option to labor how they want to labor with midwives as an alternative choice for birth. And she loves the rush of seeing a mother with her baby for the first time, and doesn’t take for granted how sacred the moment is.

She also feels extremely privileged to work with nine other midwives, and doctors and nurse practitioners at her practice who all strive to make a difference in the women’s healthcare industry.

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