Shirley Lascano APAH Month

Infusing Filipino Culture Into Her Workplace

Thursday, May 19, 2022 |

A Spotlight on Bayhealth's Shirley Figueroa-Lascano


For Bayhealth Finance Special Projects Analyst Shirley Figueroa-Lascano, May is a celebration of her heritage and an opportunity to educate others. Figueroa-Lascano has been a part of the Bayhealth team since 2018. Previously she worked in finance for New York City’s fashion industry. As a Filipino immigrant, it has been her life mission to promote understanding and acceptance of her culture wherever she lives and works.


In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), Bayhealth is presenting stories of team members and physicians in a series that celebrates their heritage and contributions to our community.  


This year’s APAHM theme is “Advancing Leaders Through Collaboration.” Figueroa-Lascano shared that Bayhealth provides many opportunities for employees to collaborate within and across departments.


“Collaboration is the best tool to create a positive environment and strengthen teamwork. Bayhealth really promotes everyone working together, regardless of ethnicity or job title,” shared Figueroa-Lascano.


Figueroa-Lascano brings her strong work ethic to Bayhealth every day and credits her Filipino heritage for her drive to succeed. “Immigrants like me participate in a greater good to build communities wherever we are. We bring and contribute the foundations we learned from back home and immerse ourselves to build a better life here in America,” she said.


“Filipinos believe in hard work, perseverance, honesty and integrity. I come from a large family where mentoring was practiced at a young age. There was always someone to look up to,” said Figueroa-Lascano. She is grateful she was welcomed and mentored when she started at Bayhealth and was new to the healthcare industry.


Figueroa-Lascano loves working for an organization that is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. “My hope is for all Bayhealth employees to put into practice the cultural and diversity education provided each month.”


She believes working at Bayhealth is an opportunity to educate her community on acceptance of the Asian-American cultures. “New York is the most diverse city in the world where people of different cultural backgrounds are the norm. Moving to Delaware created an opportunity for me to teach others about Filipino heritage, and promote inclusion of all ethnicities, including at Bayhealth.”


Bayhealth is proud to honor Figueroa-Lascano during APAHM and every day. Visit to be a part of a team where everyone’s backgrounds and contributions are valued.

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