Bayhealth HR Payroll Representative, Evelia (Via) Parham

Bayhealth Honors Via Parham on Acquiring U.S. Citizenship

Monday, September 25, 2023 |
As an integral part of the organization, Bayhealth HR Payroll Representative, Evelia (Via) Parham covers a multitude of tasks including processing payroll transactions, data collection, formulating reports, and so much more. Within the last year, Via also took on the process of gaining her U.S. citizenship.

Born in Tijuana, Via moved with her family to the United States when she was six years old. Her dad’s job brought them to Southern California where she spent the rest of her childhood. Into her adult years, a job opportunity brought Via to Delaware, where she has been living with her husband since 1997.

While her parents went through the citizenship process in the late 90’s, Via never really thought much of it for herself. She knew it was something she wanted to do one day. Last year in early 2022, Via began the process of gaining her U.S. Citizenship all on her own online. Her preparation, among many other things, consisted of studying 100 citizenship questions. At Via’s summer interview, she was asked 10 of the questions and needed to get seven correct. Via excelled, completing the last step in the process, so she was given a ceremony date.

Via’s citizenship ceremony was at University of Delaware in late 2022, where she was honored to be asked to present and read part of the U.S. Bill of Rights during the service. Her husband and children were able to be there with her and made it all feel very special. “Now that I’ve finally done it, I feel like it’s a major accomplishment,” Via shared.

Family means the world to Via. She and her husband have four children, who have all made them very proud. When the kids were all younger, they loved going on adventures together, touring different National areas. It really brings it all full circle for Via, completing her U.S. citizenship after spending almost her entire life here in the U.S.

Bayhealth is proud to highlight Via and share her story of achievement as part of our culture of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness. Her co-workers were excited to share the news of Via's accomplishment and wanted her to be recognized.

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