Person-Centered Care

Planetree SilverBayhealth has been awarded Silver Certification for Excellence in Person-Centered Care by Planetree International. A mission-based not-for-profit organization, Planetree has partnered with healthcare organizations around the world and across the care continuum to transform how care is delivered.

People rarely use “patient” as the primary term to define their identity. That’s why their care should be provided in a holistic way to address their full range of needs, preferences and experiences, and why the person-centered model of healthcare focuses on treating individuals as more than a sum of their body parts and medical conditions.

The Planetree approach also emphasizes the quality of human interactions that occur within healthcare settings, the importance of connecting healthcare personnel to the purpose and meaning of their work, and practical strategies for engaging patients and family members as true partners in care.

Bayhealth is one of only seven healthcare organizations internationally with the Silver-level certification since Planetree first introduced the recognition level in 2012. Bayhealth is one of only three healthcare organizations in the U.S. designated with Silver Certification.

Some examples and specific areas where Bayhealth excels in delivering the Planetree model of person-centered care include:

  • Patient-directed visitation
  • Opportunities for patient and family input through patient partners
  • Community access to health and wellness programs
  • Family involvement in care through the Care Partner Program
  • Sensitivity around the cultural norms and preferences of patients