7D Surgical Navigation System

Bayhealth is the first health system in Delaware to offer state-of-the-art surgical technology with the implementation of the 7D Surgical FLASH™ Navigation System. 

The innovative technology serves as a fast, accurate and radiation-free surgical tool for safer spinal and cranial procedures performed by the Bayhealth Neurosurgery team. 

The 7D Surgical FLASH Navigation System is the first and only platform that utilizes Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery (MvIGS) technology. The underlying technology is similar to what is used in the latest self-driving automobiles. Unlike conventional image guided surgery systems that depend on radiation during surgery, this new MvIGS technology reduces time in the operating room for patients and eliminate unnecessary radiation exposure.  

Our neurosurgeons utilize the 7D Surgical FLASH™ Navigation System at Bayhealth. Speak with your doctor or call us at 302-526-1470 to help you find a specialist.

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