Interventional Neurology

Interventional Neurology at Bayhealth offers sophisticated, minimally invasive techniques to diagnose and treat many cerebrovascular conditions, which are those that affect head and neck vessels or the flow of blood to the brain.

Whether it’s an emergency, life-saving intervention such as stopping a brain bleed or preventing a rupture, treating a condition like carotid artery disease that can lead to stroke, or addressing a lingering problem such as chronic nosebleeds, we have you covered. 

We’re proud to bring innovation close to home for the benefit of our community by offering the full spectrum of interventional neurology care. These procedures, sometimes called neurointerventions or endovascular neurosurgery, are performed by fellowship-trained physicians with advanced training in this sub-specialty. They insert a catheter, usually through the groin or hand, and thread it through vessels in order to look inside the head or neck. This means complex conditions including a brain aneurysm, blood clot and many types of stroke can be easily identified and treated promptly.

Since these procedures don’t require an incision in the head and neck, there’s less risk and faster recovery. Through our Bayhealth clinics, you’ll benefit from experienced team members attending to all your pre-and post-procedure needs.