Support Groups

Bariatric Program Support Groups Empower Patients

The success of surgical weight loss relies heavily on a patient’s understanding of and commitment to certain lifestyle changes. Pre-operative and post-operative support groups give patients—and their families, friends and significant others—the opportunity to talk openly with others who can answer questions from their own experiences, share concerns and celebrate weight loss successes as each patient moves forward.

Studies have shown that bariatric patients who attend support groups are more likely to be consistent in following up with their doctors—and more likely to experience long-term success. These meetings offer a secure and comfortable forum for both patients who have already had bariatric surgery and people who are considering weight loss procedures.

Dedicated Bayhealth Bariatric Program Support Staff

Our staff dietitian and bariatric coordinator facilitate Bayhealth Bariatric Support Group meetings, which are held each month at Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus and Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus.

We often have other medical professionals and related speakers to present and share helpful information regarding diet, exercise, lifestyle changes and other important issues to the bariatric patient and their supportive family members or friends.

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