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Bayhealth Using ’80s Nostalgia to Encourage Colorectal Screenings

Monday, March 6, 2023 | Cancer Care

Complete with a totally ’80s vibe, Bayhealth launched a colorectal cancer awareness campaign to kick off Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March. The campaign is designed to encourage everyone age 45 and older to schedule an appointment for a colonoscopy—and to make colorectal cancer history!

Knowing that many avoid their screenings because they don’t think they’re necessary or they have misconceptions about prep and the screening, Bayhealth will feature several articles, social media posts, and videos from our experts. “Everyone age 45 and older needs to be screened,” said Bayhealth Colorectal Surgeon Assar Rather, MD, FASC. “It’s important to understand we aren’t screening for colorectal cancer; we’re screening to prevent it. We’re looking for small polyps or growths that could eventually become cancerous”

Bayhealth’s team of experts offers personalized care for prevention and early detection of colorectal cancer. Bayhealth Cancer Center, Kent Campus is among less than 50 programs in the nation—and the first in Delaware—with recognition from the National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC) for providing the most advanced, specialty care available.

Like Bayhealth’s successful “Go Pink” campaign, which raises funds annually for breast cancer screenings through T-shirt sales, this campaign has a T-shirt fundraising component as well. Proceeds will benefit the Bayhealth Cancer Center and help fund colorectal screenings for the underserved population in our communities.

The T-shirt features an ’80s theme complete with neon colors and an “Epic Road Trip” cassette mix. They're great for those who appreciate the nostalgia and those who just want to support a good cause and remind their loved ones to get screened.

To ease the minds of those scheduling their colonoscopies, Bayhealth has made it easy to access an ’80s hits playlist on the website. If you danced to any of the songs from the playlist at your prom, it’s likely time to get a colonoscopy.

Help us make colorectal cancer history by scheduling your colorectal screening today. There are options for testing and colonoscopy prep, and this preventative step could save your life. Colonoscopies are done by a gastroenterologist, general surgeon, or colorectal surgeon and can be scheduled through Bayhealth. Call 302-744-6098 if you have questions or need help scheduling a screening. Bayhealth’s Colorectal Cancer Screening Nurse Navigator Judy Giddens, LPN, will provide personalized guidance and assistance in taking the next steps for your screening.

Visit for more information and to purchase your T-shirt in support of colorectal cancer awareness.

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