ImPACT® Concussion Testing

Concussions are the most common type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Although most are typically considered to be mild on the severity scale for TBIs, they can still have an impact on cognitive function, emotional wellbeing, physical ability, and overall quality of life.

It’s critical to take steps to prevent concussions and to use tools designed to assess concussion effects. That’s why we’ve been providing ImPACT® testing to local high schools and the greater community since 2011.

The Immediate Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing (ImPACT®) measures various aspects of cognitive function in athletes, including attention span, working memory, sustained and selective attention time, nonverbal problem solving, and reaction time. ImPACT® is suitable for athletes ages 10 and older. It is the most widely employed computer-based testing in the world and across all levels of sports: high school, collegiate and professional.

Bayhealth uses ImPACT® Concussion Testing for preseason or baseline testing of local high school athletes by having them complete a 20-minute computer-based questionnaire. The data is stored and, in the event of a TBI, compared with post-injury test results. Used in conjunction with a clinical exam, the information helps healthcare providers give an objective evaluation to determine if and when it is safe for an athlete to return to play.

Although prevention is always best, concussions are treatable. Our staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists can treat the vestibular and orthopaedic disorders; vision deficits; cognitive processing; and communication disorders caused by concussions and help patients get back to their active lives.

Bayhealth offers ImPACT® through its High School Wellness Centers located in several area high schools and at its Outpatient Rehabilitation Center

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