Before Your Visit

Please become familiar with your insurance plan(s) before your visit/ appointment. For each visit, remember to bring the following:

  • Photo identification; if photo identification is not available, please provide two other forms of identification. Acceptable forms of photo identification include a driver’s license or other state-issued identification card or a passport/visa. Acceptable types of non-photo identification include employee ID badge, bank card, social security card, or credit card (Note: for identity protection purposes we will not accept two credit cards).
  • All applicable health insurance card(s)
  • Any applicable auto and workers compensation claim numbers
  • Signed doctor’s requisition (order), authorization and referral forms
  • Veterans please be sure to have services authorized by the Veterans Administration
  • Method of payment for any co-payment/coinsurance amounts due

These items give us an understanding of your insurance coverage and are needed to bill your insurance in an accurate and timely manner. To protect your identity, service may be postponed if proper identification is not presented at time of registration. On every visit, we will ask for your photo identification and health insurance card(s) to ensure accurate billing. This may seem redundant, but it is necessary because insurance coverage often changes between visits.

Anesthesia Services

Anesthesia services at Bayhealth are provided by Bay Anesthesia; a non-employed provider group. Bay Anesthesia is out of network with some insurance companies. If you require surgery or an interventional procedure, are delivering a baby or receiving another service that includes anesthesia, please call your insurance company to determine if Bay Anesthesia is in or out of network. You may incur higher costs if they are out of network.

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