Medicaid Renewal Information

Due to federal COVID-19 relief efforts, Delaware and other states were able to continue Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) coverage for most people even if they no longer met eligibility requirements. Congress passed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 set April 1, 2023 as the end of continuous coverage for Medicaid. After April 1, 2023, Delaware Medicaid will return to normal eligibility processes. This means that all Medicaid recipients must complete an annual renewal to see if they are still eligible for coverage. Medicaid recipients should watch for their renewal and complete it as soon as they can to avoid a loss of coverage.

Right now, the most important thing Medicaid members can do is to make sure their contact information is up to date. Members are strongly encouraged to report any changes to Delaware’s Medicaid Change Report Center at 302-577-4900, option 2.

The Delaware Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) is working hard to make sure that Delawareans can get coverage either through Medicaid, the Delaware Healthy Children Program, or affordable coverage available through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

If you have questions about your benefits, call 1-866-843-7212 (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM). Learn more at

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